StruFin helps you manage your Finance and Accounting Processes at world class standards -enhancing your global competitiveness while managing risks systematically.

About us

StruFin was started with the objective of bridging the gap between the  in-house accountant and traditional accounting   firms.

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What we do

At StruFin, we work hand-in-hand with you, as an extension of your business, to innovate, design and implement sustainable solutions.

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Why us

The modern day’s business setup, organisation struggling to adopt new technology for their finance and accounting, which need trained.

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Our Philosophy

We’d rather do the work ONCE, and build such a system that it’d do all the work as well as the thinking and analysis on our behalf.

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We are using our award winning partner application which create exponential  value by delivering integrated solutions.


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Listen to what Jose has to say about how StruFin’s services have been crucial for him to manage and grow his business.

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