About Us

StruFin was started with the objective of bridging the gap between the  in-house accountant and traditional accounting firms. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting Cloud Solutions for their operations and accounting, which need trained professionals to implement and operate.Larger companies can afford to have an in-house team to operate their cloud solutions, or can outsource it to a large accounting firm, but Small and medium businesses (SMBs) too need the same expertise even though they can’t afford to pay the hefty fees of the large firms.

StruFin offers total Finance and Accounting solutions to the Small and medium businesses (SMBs) segment, with a portfolio of services that assure quality at par with the large accounting firms, but with a cost-effectiveness that is unbeatable. We have been working with SMBs as their trusted Finance and Accounting solutions partner, and know their specific issues and concerns that are often quite different from a large multi-billion conglomerate.

What we do

At StruFin, we work hand-in-hand with you, as an extension of your business, to innovate, design and implement sustainable solutions. At StruFin, we provide a high quality and cost-effective portfolio of services for small & medium business.Keeping with the complex inter-connected nature of modern business issues, these services span multiple areas to deliver integrated,complete solutions.

StruFin services are offered to help run your Finance and Accounting and Back-end operations at industry-leading quality and performance levels on a sustained basis, with a firm grip on cost.Also, owing to our value-based business model, we are able to combine low-risk with high-level scalability and deliver sustainable support to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Why Us

The modern business setup, organisation struggling to adopt new technology for their finance and accounting, which need trained professionals to implement and operate. StruFin brings together hands-on professionals with expertise from the nuts-and-bolts level in technology, domain and processes; to operations optimization and large-scale project management for global clients.

In our Finance and Accounting solution, ownership is the key factor: we value the trust our clients put in us, and take complete responsibility for the processes – giving you the confidence you like having. StruFin is built on a strong informal value-system where the top priorities at the heart of our operations are Quality, Integrity and Pride.StruFin has prided itself on delivering cost-effective quality services and leading-edge solutions to meet the demanding requirements of an ever-changing business environment.

Our Philosophy

We’d rather do the work ONCE, and build such a system that it’d do all the work as well as the thinking and analysis on our behalf.Only the escalations and really really tricky stuff should come up for human intervention. And, of course, the actual decision-making.
The StruFin Logo captures our philosophy and our organization in its design, inspired by the snowflake – one of the most intricately structured and beautiful objects found in nature. The logo is made of people – happy and energetic people in a structured and networked environment, working together and growing themselves as well as the organization.

The beautiful, and symmetrical 360° structure signifies a well rounded environment and equal opportunities – something that is pleasant to whoever gets in touch. And that is what we are here for – to build an organization that each one of us would be proud of, and an organization you will love to work with.

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