Client Rescue Service

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to prepare your accounts, like, yesterday? The books were in a mess, you had to present it for audit or to the board of directors, and the accounts were just not getting reconciled? If you have not, consider yourself lucky! If you have, you might recall how desperately you wished for a number to call – someone you could trust to sort out everything within that impossible deadline!

Client Rescue Service


Might we suggest that you save our number.

StruFin Client Rescue Service is designed to bail out finance managers in tough situations like the one above. Even with the latest technology and the best processes, things don't go always as planned. Then, you need something like StruFin Client Rescue Service quickly get you back on track and in complete control. For example, for a well known real-estate public company with transactions across 120 bank accounts, a 3-member StruFin Client Rescue team reconciled and readied the quarterly accounts within just 10 days for presentation to the board – on time.

How is Client Rescue Service faster and more reliable that others?

Drawing heavily on our automation and programming experts, our suite of ready applications and VBA macros are quickly customized by the Client Rescue Service team to complete the job at a fraction of the time required by others – error free, and fast. Client Rescue Service, a premium service, is driven by seasoned experts you can trust to deliver under pressure. When you realize that your in-house team or your other outsourcing partners might not be in a position to deliver, all that you need to do is search your contacts list, and give us a call.




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