FAQs for eCommerce Accounting Services

What if I have other Online Sales Channels, besides Amazon?

We are a full-services Accounting and Accounting Solutions company, and can handle accounting for any other channel, whether online or offline (retail/wholesale). If you require, we can provide you consolidated book of accounts across multiple channels and business entities.

What if I have other fulfilment partners, besides FBA?

Amazon FBA works in a seamless, integrated manner with our platform. If you’re using 3/4PL service providers that allow integration with Xero, it’ll be done automatically; else we use our custom-built tool to process and import the data manually.

Will I get locked-in to any contract?

We don’t lock you into any contract. You own the data and the subscription to all the platforms and software being used. The log-in, passwords and any other access info would be provided to you if and when the contract is terminated, as per the termination clause.

Can I un-bundle the subscription package to get only Tax Services, or only Book-keeping?

The bundling is only applicable for the Starter Package. You are free to choose a-la-carte services as per your specific requirements.

Who will I work with, and who has access to my Books?

You will interact with the accountant for all accounting-related issues, and with the assigned customer relationship manager for any other business issues. Every client has a separate login/subscription to the secure, cloud-based system, and all your data is separate from any other client’s. Only the designated accountant and his/her supervisor would have access (named access) to your Books, with audit trail.

Are you going to protect my data?

The books and data are maintained separately for each client in highly secure, cloud-based systems, with best-in-class data protection. Every accountant and supervisor works with individual log-in access that are unique. Access to your data is on a need-basis only, and with audit trails.

What reporting is included?

Standard reports provided are monthly P&L, Balance Sheet and Inventory Reports. Additional custom reports are available for a small fee.

Do you offer training for Amazon Sellers?

We have worked closely with Amazon sellers since 2014. Apart from book-keeping and accounting, we have helped in sourcing and marketing. We can train you to get up and running, whether you are planning to sell on Amazon or on Shopify – StruFin is an authorised partner of multiple entities that form the E-com platform ecosystem: Shopify; OrderHive and Trade Gecko (Inventory Mgmt.); TaxJar (US tax), A2X (Amazon Integration), Xero (Cloud Accounting)

My Books are a mess. Can you help?

Of course. In fact, our senior team has extensive experience in sorting out accounting mess for medium to large businesses. When you hire us to handle your accounts, the first thing we do is clean the mess, and deploy best practices as per your scale and business model.

What software subscriptions would I need to pay for, in addition to your service charge?

The service charge would include all software subscriptions required.

How does it work remotely, and what is required at my end?

All you need at your end is a smartphone (Android/iPhone), and a computer/laptop with internet connection. Training is provided on how to upload docs – a very simple thing. We use ReceiptBank for bills processing (AP), DropBox for document upload and management, and Slack (app) for multi-party coordination.The docs are to be named in the specified way, and uploaded to the specified folder(s). The person at our end processes the docs as per their nature (sales invoices, bills payable/paid etc.) and enters them in the system. If you wish, you can retain the right to review the draft entries before they are published as final.For transactions that may not have been captured properly in the uploaded docs, we provide a simple Excel template that can be filled/updated and uploaded. Any (rare) ambiguity that we come across while processing is checked with you (Slack/call/Skype) before it is entered in the system.You can view your books and dashboard/reports in real-time from your phone/laptop from anywhere. Any queries that you might have is entered as a Slack Thread Message, and we respond within next business day (or, on call/Skype the same day, if it’s urgent). 

FAQs for US-based Sellers

What’s included in the subscription price of your US Starter Package?

The US Starter Package is for small-scale sellers, or people who have just started out selling online, with average monthly sales upto USD 20,000. The price includes Xero, ReceiptBank, A2X and TaxJar subscription fees, apart from StruFin’s accounting and Taxation Services: I. Book-keeping & Accounting II. Monthly Balance Sheet, P&L and Inventory Reports III. Sales Tax computation.Optional Add-on Services I. Sales Tax Filing II. State and Federal Tax Filing III. Amazon Profitability Report IV. Amazon Refunds Claims Processing

How do you provide support remotely in the US?

Almost all work and coordination happens over messaging (Slack/Skype/Mail), and responded within the next business day. For voice calls, we are available to speak in the morning/evening as per your US time zone.

FAQs for India-based Sellers

What’s included in the subscription price of your India Starter Package?

The India Starter Package is for small-scale sellers, or people who have just started out selling online, with average sales upto INR 100,000/month. The subscription price includes Xero, ReceiptBank and A2X subscription fees, apart from StruFin’s accounting and Taxation Services: I. Book-keeping & Accounting II. Monthly Balance Sheet, P&L and Inventory Reports Optional Add-on Services I. TDS Filing II. Income Tax Filing

Will you take care of GST and TDS compliance?

If you fall in the GST bracket, we take care of your GST filing. We do TDS as well as annual Income Tax filing, if you wish.

I sell on Amazon in the US as well as in India, and have registered business entities in both these countries. Will you handle accounts and taxation for my businesses in both countries?

We do accounts and taxation for US-based clients, as well as India-based clients. If you sell in both US and India, as some of our clients do, we can take care of your complete accounts and taxation for all your channels.

Can you help me form a business entity?

Yes. In fact, we have helped both Indian and foreign domiciled persons set-up businesses in India. We have Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and CPAs (US) as associates – to take care of everything needed.