Financial ERP Evaluation – Consulting Services

Are you at the stage of growth, where your existing accounting and CRM systems are failing to meet your business needs?

Thinking about moving up to a proper financial ERP System, but not really sure how to go about selecting the right-fit system for your business?

You have reached the right place – this case study is for someone in your position.

StruFin was recently appointed by a Middle-East MNC as their consultant, to help them select a cloud-based financial ERP system for their business spread across 5 countries. It included evaluating the products, the vendors, and the pricing and commercials for the systems.

StruFin decided to conduct a detailed, functionality-level, Primary Research on the popular financial Cloud-ERP systems out there. It was a study of rare depth, which considered 983 points, categorized by priority-to-client-business, spread across 6 sections:        


The vendor response was categorized by: Yes/Possible/No.

“Yes” had to be qualified further by the vendor:

  1. Unconstrained (Y-UnC): The product performs the function in all scenarios
  2. With Minor Constraints (Y-MinC): The product performs the function in almost all scenarios, except a few notable exceptions
  3. With Major Constraints (Y-MajC): The product performs the function in only a couple of specific scenarios

“Possible” had to be qualified further, on whether it was a minor or major change, and whether it was chargeable or not.

The vendor response evaluation ensured “No Surprises” for the client during implementation and operation – whether on functionality, or commercials/pricing.

The client could clearly see from the comparative charts where each ERP system stood, and what trade-off decisions had to be taken. One could easily refer to the related Vendor Response to deep-dive into the exact details. Phase-2 in the report also evaluated various aspects of each ERP system, including vendor details like manpower, geographical presence, clients, revenues (overall and ERP), clients added in the last 6 months etc.

It gave the client a position of strength, when negotiating with the final shortlist of vendors. This is quite a different scene from where you decide to pay for an ERP based on presentations, brochures and reputation – basically, on faith.

We are glad to leave our client confident about acquiring one of the most critical and core systems for their business. That is priceless.

If you like the idea, do get in touch.