Finance and Accounting Services

StruFin offers the complete range of Finance and Accounting Services to small and medium businesses, who wish to run their Finance and Accounting backend operations more efficiently and cost effectively.

StruFin Finance and Accounting services is a complete solution in itself – whether you outsource one simple process or your complete backend. The crucial transitioning is handled by a team of transition managers, experienced in defining and shipping a wide range of processes. Our automation and process improvement teams work on making the outsourced processes at par with the best.

Then, we have our team of domain specialists, trainers, project managers, and performance management specialists who work together to deliver on the target key process indicators (KPIs). Finally, our IT and MIS teams helps you keep updated on the day to day, even hour by hour, operations metrics so that you are always in control of your outsourced processes.

Whether you are a growing organization on the verge of implementing a Cloud ERP accounting system, or a matured one with a 10,000 strong F&A team, our robust and flexible frameworks make it easy for you to realize the benefits of outsourcing.

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Budget and Forecasting

StruFin-Inventory Solutions

Inventory Solutions


Cloud Software Integration


Company Incorporation


Legal Solutions


Xero Setup

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