With more than 3,500,000 (35 lakh) subscribers worldwide, Xero is the world’s most popular cloud accounting software, and the hottest thing in accounting innovation. Xero has a rich 3rd-party ecosystem, with a multitude of add-on tools,which allows seamless integration across functions and processes – all cloud-based

Xero is to accounting, what the mobile phone was to the landline-based communication era. Once you’ve used a mobile phone, you wonder how you ever lived without it!

Almost every company that has moved to Xero’s integrated cloud-based system has realized the transformative effect it has on its functioning. T

Pranjal, our founder, is a Xero-certified Advisor and personally supervises all migration projects for StruFin. He is one of the very few hands-on specialists in India for complex accounts reconciliation and migration – across multiple systems: Oracle, BPCS, J D Edwards, SAP, and Tally, to name a few.

He headed the critical project for reconciliation of a Fortune 500 MNC’s 10 years’ accounting data across two different ERP systems (BPCS and JD Edwards). This led the MNC to ask him to lead similar projects for other divisions.

He personally reconciled and migrated complete +5 years’ accounts from the legacy system to Oracle for one of Western India’s largest real-estate companies – StruFin was invited to take over the migration work from the ‘Big 5’ accounting firm, which weren’t making any headway.

Whichever be your current accounting system, and no matter how much dirt it has accumulated over the years – we will clean it up, sort it out, and help you migrate smoothly to Xero. Add StruFin’s proactive engagement model and ownership-taking approach to the mix;and from a scary monster, your migration becomes a happy puppy!.

Apart from clients in the US and Europe, we are already working with the early adopters in India to help them switch to Xero – smoothly, and affordably. If you’re on this page, it means that you have taken a crucial first step for your company. Congratulations!

StruFin Package for Quickbooks to Xero Migration covers the end-to-end process, with full ownership:

  • Mapping Chart of Accounts – Tally to Xero
  • Creation of Chart of Accounts
  • Opening accounts balances
  • Supplier, Customer and Employee Masters
  • Invoices, Bills, Credit Notes – Paid and Unpaid.
  • Inventory  balance
  • Payroll Details

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