The Receipt Bank cloud solution helps  your business to became  a paperless organisation and makes filing of records effortless.

Receipt Bank is the leading  cloud solution for bookkeeping automation.

It will transform your organisation’s  bookkeeping and  streamline the filing process. Receipt Bank integrates with major cloud accounting solutions like Xero, QuickBooks, KashFlow,FreeAgent,SageOne, FreshBooks and Sage50.

Now you don’t worry about  bills/whether from your regular vendors or  from restaurants , shopping malls and gas stations. You can take a snap of the bills with your smart phone by using the receipt bank app, and in real time it will reach to your cloud accounting  software via receipt bank. And  that  moment you can ditch your bills or receipts and forget about the audit trail. You can also preconfigure the expense account against the particular vendor name in the receipt bank for auto publish.

Receipt bank’s  intelligent algorithm utilizes a brilliant inbuilt OCR Tech to accurately extract all relevant  fields from any type of bills-whether printed receipts or electronic invoices.It can track the tax amount in the bills separately, which makes accounting even easier.StruFin is one of the earliest certified partners of Receipt Bank in India, and provides consulting and implementation services for paper-less process setup using Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank is creating value by using technology and integrated solutions.

  • You can send bills to receipt bank  app  through email,  or upload through Dropbox, or link with  Paypal ,or by using Receipts Bank App.
  • Using Receipt Banks ,you can dramatically reduce hours of manual work.
  • By using auto to publish, feature in Receipt Bank you can completely  get rid of manual intervention.
  • You can publish the receipts anytime or from anywhere by using the Receipt Bank App.
  • In Receipt Bank you  can  configure  to map an expense account against the Vendor to streamline the process.
  • Receipt Bank’s existing integration with  most leading cloud accounting software  helps you  migrate to any of those without worry.


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