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If you're selling on the Cloud, you got to be on the cloud!

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If you’re an Online Retailer, this is a must have service for you: StruFin’s Complete Accounting and Tax Service (ABIZER) for e-Commerce.

You no longer have to choose between automated invoicing or legal compliance. StruFin Abizer(TM) is a solution developed specifically for Online Retailers. Abizer(TM) takes care of your complete accounting needs, and more – in a simple and efficient way. It’s maybe the best investment you can do to make your life easier as an Online Retailer.

E-commerce is a booming market worldwide, and getting increasingly competitive. Even though people mostly know of the big names like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, there are thousands of online retailers at the back who sell through these and other lesser-known platforms – these online retailers are the driving force behind the incredible diversity and millions of products available online.

Sell & Manage Across Multiple Online Platforms.With Ease

As an online retailer, you have to manage a range of activities – procurement, listings, promotions, sales monitoring, inventory management, warehouse management & fulfillment, payments, accounting, and tax. These have to be done whether you just started selling a single product on a single platform, or are a pro at online selling with a few hundred product listings across platforms and raking in the millions.

When you start selling a bigger portfolio on multiple channels, the complexity of the back-end increases exponentially. Unless you have a good system handling the back-end, it will restrict your sales linked to the complexity that you can manage otherwise, and even reach a point where you may find yourself spending more time on keeping your house in order than on procurement, sales or customer service.

We have simplified the e-commerce back-end, including e-commerce accounting, with the help of the technology and automated tools to address the issues faced by e-commerce sellers in day to day business.

StruFin has extensive knowledge and experience across multiple e-commerce platforms, having worked with clients from various countries to set-up their e-commerce accounting and back-end systems. We leveraged this expertise and insight to create the best-in-class solutions for every stage of growth for online retailers – our solutions integrate the best available systems from each functional area, and designed to fit your operating model and scale.

The pricing options are also designed keeping your scale in mind, and allows small-scale retailers the freedom to choose to pay a heavily discounted setup fee by sharing a small percentage of your monthly online sales.

StruFin ABIZER for e-Com has cost-effective packages suitable for both small-time sellers, as well as large multi-country sellers.

StruFin has been doing accounting, Tax computation and filing for Amazon Sellers in the US, UK, EU, and India for more than 4 years. In case you have multiple seller accounts (US/UK/EU/India), we handle it end-to-end.

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